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Some of you may be aware that our dear friend Andie Kay Joyner has been suffering some health problems lately. We are not sure how much people know, and since so many of our friends have been asking, we would like to give some answers to some of your questions.
Andie Kay has a genetic blood disorder called Hemochromatosis. (http://www.hemochromatosis.org/#overview)
Basically what the disorder does is create too much iron in a person's blood. Over time that excess iron can build up in the major organs. What's happening with Andie Kay is that the iron has built up in her heart. We don't want to alarm anyone, because she is getting lots of love and support. However, her condition is serious, and she needs continued love and support. This is where we'll need the help of our strong Texas music family who loves her so much.
We are planning a musical event on Wednesday August 24th at Love & War in Texas/Plano (www.loveandwarintexas.com) to help raise funds to assist with some of her financial needs. She has had to put her career on hold and will be accumulating some substantial medical bills as well as still having her day to day cost of living needs. 
We are calling the event “Make Andie Kay OK”. There will be more details to come, but rest assured that as loved as she is, the musical line-up will be strong! There will be raffle items as well as live and silent auction items to bid on.
For folks who can’t attend the event on August 24th, you can donate online to her GoFundMe campaign. (link above)  If you are a business or an individual who would like to donate an item for the silent or live auction or the raffle (God Bless you) please send a message to our event page. Also, please LIKE and SHARE this page to help spread the word about what we are doing. 
We will be posting updates regularly to let everyone know how Andie Kay is getting along.
At this point in time Andie Kay is in good spirits and is getting around pretty well. She wanted to say thank you so much for your love, messages and prayers. She has been so touched by all of it.
With love and support we can get her through this. Thank you so much everyone.

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