"We Ain't Drinking Alone" Wednesdays! Live stream with Max Stalling and blacktopGYPSY

Live Stream

We are very excited about this week's show as we host our very special friend Andie Kay Joyner and celebrate the 4th anniversary of her heart and liver transplant. As a result of a chronic blood disorder (hemochromatosis) Andie Kay underwent an 18 hour surgery Sept 6, 2016 to receive the first heart - liver transplant ever conducted at UT Southwestern hospital in Dallas. Tune in as we sing and celebrate this amazing anniversary. If you've never heard Heather and Andie Kay perform blacktopGYPSY songs you don't want to miss this. Live Streaming House Concert Series! 7:00pm CDT/8:00pm EDT. From our couch to yours! This show just gets more and more fun. We hope you'll drop by, tip a cold one with us and join in for some singing and playing, stories, giveaways and an all around good time. What the heck, bring the kids! Join us on Max's Facebook page. Thanks to our friends at @shinerbeer.

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