1. Hurricane

From the recording Whirlwind


Written by: Heather Stalling, Andie Kay Joyner, Darcy Starcher

You blow through town every now and then
Lay me down like a whirlwind
Fill my heart and drown my soul, let it go
Feel your thunder roll all over me
Take control, I’m swept to sea
Find shelter in the night, and hold on tight
Let it rain...let it pour
Let it rain...you’re the eye of my storm
Feel the pain...you’re my hurricane
I’m ok....let it rain........let it rain

Has it been a year, I’ve lost track
Have you changed your mind, changed your path
You know I’m waiting, still hanging on
Like the moon waits for the sun to rise
I look for you, in the skies
Are you raging somewhere
Wish you were here

Chorus (acapella)