From the recording BlacktopGYPSY


I ain’t Your Mama I never claimed I’d be
Why the hell d’you ever go and marry me
I don’t cook and I don’t clean They don’t call me Miss Congeniality

I ain’t your Mama You don’t belong to me
Get used to this ‘cause it’s the way it will be
I burn biscuits and I burn the beans
I burned a hole in your favorite jeans

Well you look like a man You act like a boy
She’s still calling you her little bundle of joy
Why don’t you grow up and get from under her wings
You know you can’t compare her to me

‘Cause I ain’t your Mama If that’s what you’re looking for
Come on over here and baby close the door
I’ve got something that I’ve gotta prove
There’s a whole lot of things
Yeah there’s a whole lot of things
That Mama can’t do
Oh but I can love you